Why do we care so much about what other people think of us? We shouldn’t but yet we do! I wonder why it’s so easy for other people to pick out someone’s flaw but could not find one positive thing about them? I wonder why society is keen on making people feel bad about themselves. We are all different and unique individuals and been perfect is just an overrated trend which no one is obligated to follow!! There is beauty in imperfection!!

Do we even understand that when we worry about the opinions of others about us, we let it take away our individuality? Appreciate your uniqueness and do what is best for yourself.

                                            Kenny’s takeaway quote

    “Care about other people approval and you will always be their prisoner”


Twists and Turns

Life has been full of twists and turns……

Life in general comes with many twists and turns. There is always something new happening every day. Its either meeting new people or disliking the ones already in your life. Joining something new or starting a new course. The people I never used to like and never used to talk too are now my friends, and those I use to like and talk too are now more or less a stranger. Also, I have an imagination of what I want my life to look like, and I always make sure I push my self towards achieving it. however, there has been several twists and turns and a few breakdowns that I have gotten through by making sure I stay focused.

Every day I learn new things, checking out other influencers unique work and getting inspired by them. Sometimes I work towards applying some of their ways into mine and sometimes too lazy to implement them. Life is unpredictable. So therefore, Currently, I am unfolding, appreciating and relishing each and every moment… I AM LOVING IT!!

The mind imagines something else, while life itself happens out of its own process. Regardless of what we plan on achieving in life, we are bound to experience twists and turns.

                                Kenny’s takeaway quote

    “Life has got all those twists and turns, you’ve got to hold on tight and off you go” –                              Nicole Kidman


Sometimes we all just want to get dressed and comfortable for a special occasion. Particularly when you are a laidback kind of person. However, just because you’re laid back doesn’t mean you have to be boring or compromise on styles.

If you really want to dress laidback, nothing describes chilled out like a casual t-shirt. A t-shirt is ultra-cool, and can be given an edgy vibe when worn with a cargo trouser, a pleasant clutch purse and a pair of nice heels.

Speaking of heels, it is best you pair your casual outfit with a block heel. Not just because its totally stylish, but it also won’t have you yelping in pain when all you wanted was to be comfortable to begin with.

Here, I am wearing an affordable oversized t-shirt and a khaki trouser from boohoo, which I really like mostly because it’s a neutral colour and can work well with almost any shade. Also, my pair of block heels are from new look and my clutch purse is by Pierre Cardin.

                                                             Words by kenny Adaba

Photography by Tee