CONFESSION: I have not been enjoying my natural hair journey!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully love and embrace my natural hair. I love that it’s so massive and thick compare to permed hair. I love the fact that it goes curly when wet and soaked in leave-in conditional. Oh, and let’s not talk about shrinkage. it feels like magic when my hair goes smaller after washing it. However, maintaining a natural hair requires lots of patient. from having to make sure its moisturised, making sure you section it in other to prevent it from tangling and having migraines from combing and detangling it was just not sitting well with me. Also, I’ve not really enjoyed my natural hair because I am not too good in styling, which always leaves me with a boring hair look.  let’s not mention hairdressers that always wants to complain about how your hair is too thick and how it makes their back hurt lol. Although, having an afro is a lot of pain and stress to both the customer and the hairdresser. However, no one should be made to feel like it’s their fault for the type of hair they have.

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