Finding the perfect words to describe yourself is easy but trying to explain how they describe you, is difficult. I will describe myself as a goal getter and a f iery. I believe that I have always known what I want out of life and sometime, how to achieve it. Though, I will also describe myself as an honest, caring and sometimes an annoying person. LOL!

I am a goal getter. I always make sure I have new goals set for myself. For example, I have set a goal to read a book each month, which was why I started KENNYSBOOKCLUB. I have never thought that something is too much or impossible to achieve. The dreams and hope I have for myself is the drive I believe will help me achieve greatness in the blogging world.

I have a strong passion for life and everything I set for myself to achieve. Passion and faith to me, is the key to success in life. being passionate alone will help us as human beings reach our goals faster.

                                               Kenny’s takeaway quote

 “figuring out the qualities in you, helps you understand your strength and weaknesses” – K. Adaba


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