LIFESTYLE: my most inspirational song of all time

I Love music

If you ask me what my favourite song or who my favourite artist is, trust me, I can’t pick. I listen to music base on how I feel at that particular moment. I have happy songs, sad songs and songs that motivates me.

However, there’s a particular song that I listen to whenever I need some inspirations. I listen to this song when doing my coursework, when writing for my blog and when feeling down etc… Do you ever listen to a song and you just see yourself doing things 10X better than you were doing before? Because, that’s how I feel whenever I listen to HALL OF FAME by The Script ft Will I am.

This song tells you how you can be the greatest, how you can be the best how you can be a master and how you don’t need to wait on other people to be the greatest. This song makes me have the hope and faith that one day, my name will be written on the walls of the hall of fame, there’s going to be a day the world is going to know my name. this song motivates me to keep going knowing that one day, I will look back and see how far my hard work has taken me. This song is what we should all be listening too whenever we need some INSPIRATION!


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