Words by Kenny Adaba    

This book is a good self-help book that explains what magic is and how to become magic. And no, not the type of magic where you can make things appear and disappear! in this book, the Autor explains that magic and becoming magic is the sparkling feelings of been alive, the energy of feeling you are capable of anything and feeling on top of the world.

After reading this book, you will have an optimistic and excited feelings about the future. Because, it explains to you how to look at things, the world, and people in a positive way and the effect it has on you.

If you are someone who complains a lot, then I will definitely recommend that you read this book. I am guilty of this as well. Lol. But after reading this book, I have learnt and understand that complaining, will only invite more things to complain about.

In this book, you will learn about the effect of manifestation and how it can have an effect on your overall result. For example, if you manifest to have a perfect partner, but you still feel within yourself that you are not worthy or beautiful, this perfect partner your wish for, is most likely not going to come to you.

Although, at some point, the Autor seems to be contradicting herself. I.E, she said the whole “thoughts become things” principle, is all wrong and then went on to explain the effect of  “manifestations”

This is a small and easy book to read. However, I still feel like I haven’t understood this book completely. So, I will be reading it again. In other to make the most out of this book, I will advise you to read it more than once and then again and again.

                                                         Kenny’s takeaway quote

                  “If you are not ready, you will lose it every time” – Genevieve Davis

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