Words by Kemi Adaba

Firstly, I am privileged to be the writer on kennysdiary this week.

I have a lot to write about kenny, but I will make it brief today. kenny is considered as a beautiful young lady, her face could look like a baby face, not only because of her beautiful chocolate skin with a little caramel topping but because of her expression. kenny is one of the first person who will always be there to pick you up when you fall. A shoulder to cry on.

A sister is always a friend and I must say kenny is one true friend. She could be a little bit annoying sometimes. In fact, overly annoying but kenny always mean good to people around her.

Kenny is an energetic young lady, she takes her blogging to heart like her life depends on it lol. Sometimes, kenny can be helpful even though she will have to complain about it all day.

Kenny is a reliable person, she keeps my secret when I tell her about them. I know I can trust her as a sister and as a friend!

                                                        Kemi’s takeaway quote

        “Sisters make the best friends in the world” – Marilyn Monroe


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