I have decided to make today’s blog a post of appreciation.

I am genuinely thankful for everyone who has contributed to the growth of my blog since we first lunched last year September 2019.

To my subscribers, people who always view my post weekly and to the ones who always ensure they check up on how I am managing with my blog. I really do appreciate it and I want you to know I am grateful and thankful for it.

It feels so great and thoughtful when someone asks me how my blog is going and if I am still blogging. like, you remember I blog? Wow!

There was a time I said I wanted to take a break, then I remembered my post about consistency and realised taking a break will do more harm than good to my blogging life.  so therefore, getting a question about my blog such as “how’s your blog going?” makes me realise that, there are people out there who really do enjoy reading my weekly post; and to me, that is the only motivation I need to keep going.

                                                      Kenny’s takeaway quote

                “Appreciate people’s effort no matter how small or irrelevant” – Kenny Adaba


My LIFE LESSONS // Stop comparing yourself to others

One of the lessons I learnt in life through the book “GOOD VIBES GOOD LIFE” is that we should stop comparing ourselves to others. Instead, you should compare yourself to you.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have a flashback or see an old picture of yourself, you just realise wow I have really changed? I already completed that goal? I already complete that course? Yes, that’s the new you comparing yourself to the old you. As years, months, weeks and days goes by, you will start to see the growth you are really making in life. however, if you are too busy comparing yourself to someone else, then you will not notice the changes you are making. Comparing yourself to someone else is you creating a negative mindset for yourself. Give yourself the time and benefit to reflect on your past, and you will realise how far you have come and how much accomplishment you’ve made.

Life is about becoming the best version of you and not the best version of someone else.

                                              Kenny’s takeaway quote

“The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel” – Steven Furtick


One of the things I struggle with is that, people think they know me. Either through the contents I put out there or through the old me they used to know. I feel like people create a certain picture of me and expect me to behave and act in a certain way. And when I don’t fit into this their idea of me, they think things don’t add up.

Since I started my blog, reading and expanding my knowledge, it has extremely became clear to me that my life was changing and so was I. However, people still have this old picture of me that didn’t add up to the new one. For example, whenever I tell a friend of mine, that I have a bookclub, a blog, or a business I’m just growing, they find it hard to believe because I was always that “I can’t be bothered” kind of person. But that was the old me. The new me, is far from that.

Also, I need people to understand that, what I blog about and post about on my social media is only a certain part of me and not everything that as to do with me.

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

“the new you will be different” ~ Beatrice Sparks


One of my 2020 goal is to develop and stay consistent with my new daily routine. I want to make sure I have a daily schedule that will enable me to be productive throughout the year. In other to achieve this, I came up with a plan dedicating particular day of the week to carry out specific activities. For example, on Mondays, I want to focus on going through my assignment and going through my emails. On Tuesdays, I will focus on doing some online promotion for my businesses. which are, Kennysbookclub, Kennysdiary and Kencollection. On Thursdays, I could focus on writing for my blog and ready for them to go live on Sunday. Etc… etc… One particular weakness that affects my daily routine is not completing a task right away. I am used to doing all things the same day and end up leaving it half way. This always makes me feel worried because I always have it at the back of my mind, I have something to finish up especially when time is against me. So therefore, this year I want to make sure I get things done one at a time rather than leaving it uncompleted.  

Kenny’s Takeaway quote

      “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine” – Mike Murdock