My LIFE LESSONS // Stop comparing yourself to others

One of the lessons I learnt in life through the book “GOOD VIBES GOOD LIFE” is that we should stop comparing ourselves to others. Instead, you should compare yourself to you.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have a flashback or see an old picture of yourself, you just realise wow I have really changed? I already completed that goal? I already complete that course? Yes, that’s the new you comparing yourself to the old you. As years, months, weeks and days goes by, you will start to see the growth you are really making in life. however, if you are too busy comparing yourself to someone else, then you will not notice the changes you are making. Comparing yourself to someone else is you creating a negative mindset for yourself. Give yourself the time and benefit to reflect on your past, and you will realise how far you have come and how much accomplishment you’ve made.

Life is about becoming the best version of you and not the best version of someone else.

                                              Kenny’s takeaway quote

“The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel” – Steven Furtick

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