I have decided to make today’s blog a post of appreciation.

I am genuinely thankful for everyone who has contributed to the growth of my blog since we first lunched last year September 2019.

To my subscribers, people who always view my post weekly and to the ones who always ensure they check up on how I am managing with my blog. I really do appreciate it and I want you to know I am grateful and thankful for it.

It feels so great and thoughtful when someone asks me how my blog is going and if I am still blogging. like, you remember I blog? Wow!

There was a time I said I wanted to take a break, then I remembered my post about consistency and realised taking a break will do more harm than good to my blogging life.  so therefore, getting a question about my blog such as “how’s your blog going?” makes me realise that, there are people out there who really do enjoy reading my weekly post; and to me, that is the only motivation I need to keep going.

                                                      Kenny’s takeaway quote

                “Appreciate people’s effort no matter how small or irrelevant” – Kenny Adaba

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