CORONAVIRUS: My Quarantine Routine

With no doubt, I am certain we are all aware of what is going on in the world right now. The PANDEMIC!

 Clearly, coronavirus has stopped a lot of us from doing what we enjoyed doing. that is, going to work, school, partying, and travelling. Which in turn, as made majority of us develop a new routine altogether.

Since coronavirus, my routine has changed drastically. Which will be listed below.

Starting from when I go to bed, I go to bed around 1AM, then wake up at around 9:20AM. Within the period I am awake and still in bed, I grab my phone and read my daily devotion using the bible app on my phone. After I finish with my devotion, I go through my social medias, I reply messages, check my emails, etc… once I finish doing this, I read my monthly book and the one I am currently reading at the moment is “ACT LIKE A LADY THINK LIKE A MAN” make sure you are following Kennysbookclub on Instagram to keep up with my monthly book updates. Moving on, I try to do some exercise, but genuinely, I’ve not been consistent with that so I will not elaborate on it. After I finish reading my book, I get something to eat and head back to bed again LOL! 😊 Now that I am back in Bed, I grab my laptop and do some research for my uni work. I am currently working on a 12,000 words dissertation and since quarantine, I have made the habit of writing 500 words a day. So therefore, every day I am a step closer to finishing my dissertation. Whoop! Whoop! By 11:30AM I am done with my 500 words and I just save my work and put my laptop away safely. once I finish doing all of this, I lay under the duvet pick my phone up and do some promotions for my blog, book club, and my phone case business. Then, I literally just stay in bed until 1-1:30PM before finally getting out of bed to do some house chores and cooking. Later, I sit in the living room, listen to the news or watch some movies on Netflix until I get tired and no to forget in between, I try talk a walk to the corner store or anywhere nearby.

Ps: I take my shower and do my skin care routine later at night before heading to bed (:

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