MOTHERHOOD: First Year of Motherhood

Words by Taiwo Adaba

  I’ve always heard mothers talk about how difficult motherhood was and how your life will never be the same.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in the past 13 months as a new mum is that Anaya (My daughter) is her own unique little person, and I won’t always have all the answers. I can be a good mom and do my best without always being able to immediately fix or change everything. I’ve learnt that as a mother, you will always and forever have the natural instinct that you will always stand by your child, love them, and support them.  

There have been times she sleeps throughout the night. However, that didn’t happen regularly until she was 7 months old.  With how difficult things can get, loving Anaya came so easily to us. She falls asleep laying on me or her dad and all was mostly forgotten.

My confidence as a mother grew. My relationship with my daughter felt stronger. And we were able to find our way on this beautiful but somewhat peculiar journey as a young parent together. In all honesty, parenting is a strange and tough journey. And no matter how many friends you talk to or how much advice you receive (solicited or unsolicited), you can’t know until you live it.

                                                        Taiwo’s Takeaway Quote

“There are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a child” – Anne Lamott


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