ASK AWAY: Get to know me answers to your questions!

In today’s blog post, I will be answering the top 10 questions i got asked by you guys. whoop! whoop!

Q: are you close to anyone right now ?

A: to be honest, the only people I’m close to right now are my families.

Q: will you describe your self has high maintenance?

A: I wouldn’t say high maintenance but there’re some level of standards I will expect an individual too meet.

Q: how old are you?

A: I’m 23 years old.

Q: do you ever see yourself getting married ?

A: off course I do!!! Matter of fact, I have an Idea of the type of wedding I want.

Q: what’s your ideal type of guy?

A: top 3 (God fearing, ambitious and loyal).

Q: describe yourself in one word ?

A: Ambitious

Q: Any new exciting things you would like to share ?

A: one exciting thing I will like to share is that, In the next few weeks, I will be a GRADUATE!!

Q: A fun fact about you?

A: a fun fact about me is that I have a non-identical twin sister

Q: can you write a post on how to start up a blog?

A: Yes, I am definitely doing this and it’s going to be a paid content.

Q: how many relationships have you had ?

A: This depends on what you classify has a relationship. However, I will say I’ve been in one proper relationship as far as I’m concern lol.

Thank you for your questions!! I will definitely be doing more Q&A in the future.

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