KENNYSBOOKCLUB: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck


Welcome to the May edition of the Kennysbookclub! For people reading my blog for the first time, Kennysbookclub is a monthly post on kennysdiary where I review a book we read together for that month. 

This month’s choice of book was “THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK” by Mark Manson.

First of all, based on personal opinion, I will rate this book a 10 out of 10.

This book is an emotional and personal development book.

Mark has used this book to address how we should focus our worries and energy towards the right things. This book will make you realise that a lot of things you think you’re doing right are actually wrong.

How metrics and values work, and their importance was consistently mentioned in this book. Mark has used this book to inform his readers about the things you can accomplish just by changing your values, priorities and metrics. Since reading this book, I can now say some of the things I place as priorities and think are right, are instead the opposite. Although, some of the things he spoke about was difficult to accept but I knew they were true. If you are someone with shitty values, some examples on how these values can impact your life was also given in this book.

One of the best chapters of this book, is chapter 3 “YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL” In this chapter, Mark was so straight forward and blunt. A lot of books will tell you the things you want to hear. Such as, you are beautiful, you are fantastic, believe in yourself. Etc… but in this book, Mark said you are not special, you are like everyone else. Who sacrifices something in other to have an amazing lifestyle, who have to work to eat, who have to fail and learn from them and you are like everyone else who goes through bad days.

Oh, do you want to have an idea of what successful people do and why they do well in general? It is because they do not give a f*ck about……… well, you will have to go and read the book to find out.

Mark has used this book to inform his readers with reasons and examples why you should be willing to take responsibilities for whatever happens to you. In other for real growth to take place in our life, we must be willing and able to accept we are wrong even if we think we are right.

In today’s society where you are expected to give a f*ck about everything all the time, I will recommend you read this book and have a reason to have a mind of your own.

                                                     Kenny’s takeaway quote

                         “Happiness is a constant work-in-progress” – Mark Manson

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