KENNYSBOOKCLUB: Think and Grow Rich

Words by Kenny Adaba

Welcome to the June edition of the Kennysbookclub! For people reading my blog for the first time, Kennysbookclub is a monthly post on kennysdiary where I review a book we read together for that month.

This month’s choice of book was “THINK AND GROW RICH” by Napoleon Hill.

First of all, based on personal opinion, I will rate this book a 10 out of 10.

I’ve had this book for a while now but never read it. After lots of reviews from friends, I decided to give it a shot and It was absolutely worth it.

If you have a burning desire to achieve success, then this book is for you. Napoleon Hill has used this book to emphasis on the burning desire to achieve success

This book has been used to show how our fear can potentially destroy us and how we can turn negative energy into a positive one and use it as a weapon to achieve our goals in life.

Secrets and tips on how to use our thoughts and imagination was taught in this book. I now know that anything I can imagine, I can create. To get more on this, you will have to purchase and read the book.

A review alone is not enough to explain how powerful this book is. You really have to experience it. Matter of fact, I believe everyone have to read this book atleast once in their lifetime on this earth.

OH! Do you want to know what the six basic fears are ? They are …… again, you will have to go and purchase this book to figure that out. 😊

I saw a review where someone said after the bible, this book is the second greatest book they’ve read and after reading this book, it made sense as to why the reader said that.

I will definitely be reading this book again no doubt. In order to get the full meaning of this book and the words, I will recommend that everyone reads this book more than once.

Kenny’s takeaway quotes

“Negative influences works on you through your subconscious mind.”


MUSIC: My current favourite song/artist!

Link to latest song (my guy) by JLollz ➡️➡️

I love music, all types of musics. Therefore, i do not hesitate to listen to new artist as well. There are lots of talented up and coming artist out there but today, I have decided to make an outstanding post specially for my favourite up and coming artist. I hope you enjoy, purchase and stream there songs to show your support for him.

JLollz is a rapper who is working hard in other to be successful in the music industry. JLollz started his music career 2010, and became official 2016 with his debut single #Level.

JLollz has produced lot of tracks from levels, way up, soft style and don’t. However, his latest song that was just released today is my favourite of them all. “YOUR GUY.”

“YOUR GUY” is my typical R&B type of music And somehow this song has been on repeat since it dropped.

I am strongly and genuinely rooting for his success in the music industry. His songs are mainly on audiomack and fan link. The link below will direct you to his latest songs and I hope you enjoy his musics as much as i do.

FATHERS DAY: Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is another day and opportunity given to us to show our Fathers, grandads, uncles and brothers how much we appreciate them.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and to all the amazing fathers out there who are actively in their kids life and carrying out there roles effectively.

Growing up with a caring dad is one of the greatest gift anyone should cherish. Dads are one of the strongest pillar in a child’s life.

To all the strong responsible dads out there, We love you and we admire the good man and wonderful father you are.

Happy Father’s Day Dad. Thank you for being the Dad anyone would wish they had.

Kenny’s takeaway quote

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad”. ~ Unknown.

LIFE UPDATE: Blog registered, new theme and got accepted for my masters degree!

It’s been a great week, a lot has happened and I’m so grateful for everything God has done and is still doing in my life.

If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning, then you know for sure there’s a difference in the layout of my blog.

Not only did I change the theme of my blog, I’ve also registered my blog. Whoop! Whoop!

I am now 100% the proud owner of kennysdiary. Kennysdiary has also been monetised and registered.!

I changed my theme because kennysdiary targets both male and female and my old theme does not represent that. My old theme looks too girly and might potentially attract the female gender only. Which, is one of the main reason why i changed the theme. Also, the theme I’m using now is a premium theme compare to the old one.

Another great thing that has happened this week, is that I got an offer for my masters of science (MSc) in finance. This means a lot to me and I pray God gives me the strength, knowledge and understanding to successfully complete this degree with flying colours.

Again, I am so grateful for everything God has done in my life and I am looking forward to share with you guys the ones he is yet to manifest.


Since quarantine, one of the things I’ve learn to do, is being able to differentiate between needs and wants.

I define needs has something you must have or something that will positively impact your life. While want is something you can live without. Something that will barely have an impact on your existence.

I‘ve seen people saying on social media that they thought quarantine will make them spend less, but rather they are doing more online shopping than before. However, for me, It’s different. Quarantine/lockdown has had a positive impact on my spending habit. Usually, I am someone who buy things she doesn’t need. Such as, unnecessary outfits that I will only wear once or go to unnecessary places that requires me to spend. But since we’ve been in lockdown, I haven’t spent a pound on cloths and the one time I was so close to ordering an outfit, I went into my wardrobe and said to my self “No I won’t, I have something to wear.” Instead, I’ve been spending more on new books, savings, my small business etc…. I’ve basically been spending on things that I need and I consider a necessity.

Kenny’s takeaway quote

To be happy in life, you must learn the difference between what you want and need. ~ Unknown.


RIP to all lives lost to police brutality. 🙏🏾

Petition link to get justice for George Floyd ➡️

Petition link for all officers involved to be persecuted. ➡️

All lives matter, but is black lives included in all lives? I doubt it. Therefore, I say all lives do not matter if black live does not matters.!

Black lives matters is an international human right movement created by the African Americans to fight against racisms towards the black people.

The #blacklivesmatters started in 2013 Due to the unlawful death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 who was shot by the police officer George Michael Zimmerman. A lot of black people has been killed in a similar way to how Trayvon was killed with less or no justice served to the killers. Georgefloyd, Amaudarbery, jordandavis, Ericgarner, johncrowford, oscargrant and the list goes on.

And you expect us to keep quiet? You expect us to keep watching our own people get killed for no reason? You expect us to watch our dads and brothers taken away from us? Do you?

I went on twitter one time and I saw a tweet that said, “being black is panicking when your dad, brother, or husband does not pick their phone because they might be dead” and you see that? Is the fact.

Trust me, black people are not just out there protesting for no reason. “THERE IS NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE”. This protest is demanding for change and equality and not war or revenge.

Discrimination of against indigenous people and people of colour is everywhere. Matter of fact, in today society we do not even have to look to far to see it. its in schools, colleges, hospitals, social services etc…

oh, let’s not even think racism only happen in America Because, that is a big fat lie. For example, I read in an article that stated that black women in the UK are 5 times more likely to die during childbirth as a result of complications compare to white women. Why is that?

Racism, discrimination or violence of any sort against indigenous and people of colour needs to be stopped and without you and I speaking up and making use of our platform to raise awareness, nothing will change.

Now is our moment and opportunity to talk. This is our fortuitous. We have to talk about justice and make radical changes needed to break the racist system that has failed us. Killing, policy brutality, discrimation, systemic violence is not just a thing that has happened to one or two people, it is a thing that is constantly happening and causing the lives of our people. it is happening right now to someone. It is the reality indigenous and people of colour live. it is our life and it needs to stop!!!!

As a young woman who has nieces and will one day have a black son and daughter, I wouldn’t want any of them to go through what our black men goes through in the hands of police officers non will I want my daughters to go through what black women goes through in the society just for being black. Hence, why we are protesting, rioting and demanding for changes. It’s not only for now but for our generations to come.

My question now is that, what is wrong with being black? I mean black is just a colour just like white is a colour.

There’s a lot more things to mention as to why black people are angry, however, this will all be mentioned in the second part of this blog.

Kenny’s takeaway quote

Our life begins to end the day we become silent about things that matters. ~ MLK