Since quarantine, one of the things I’ve learn to do, is being able to differentiate between needs and wants.

I define needs has something you must have or something that will positively impact your life. While want is something you can live without. Something that will barely have an impact on your existence.

I‘ve seen people saying on social media that they thought quarantine will make them spend less, but rather they are doing more online shopping than before. However, for me, It’s different. Quarantine/lockdown has had a positive impact on my spending habit. Usually, I am someone who buy things she doesn’t need. Such as, unnecessary outfits that I will only wear once or go to unnecessary places that requires me to spend. But since we’ve been in lockdown, I haven’t spent a pound on cloths and the one time I was so close to ordering an outfit, I went into my wardrobe and said to my self “No I won’t, I have something to wear.” Instead, I’ve been spending more on new books, savings, my small business etc…. I’ve basically been spending on things that I need and I consider a necessity.

Kenny’s takeaway quote

To be happy in life, you must learn the difference between what you want and need. ~ Unknown.

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