KENNYSBOOKCLUB: the princess saves herself in this one & this modern love.

Welcome to the August edition of the Kennysbookclub! For people reading my blog for the first time, Kennysbookclub is a monthly post on kennysdiary where I review a book we read together for that month. 

This month’s choice of books are “THE PRINCESS SAVES HERSELF IN THIS ONE” and “THIS MODERN LOVE”

The princess saves herself in this one is the first poetry book I will be reading. The book is a story of a princess turned damsel turned queen.

I will rate this book a 7 out of 10 and this is because all the writer has done is scatter words accords different lines then call it poetry.

Nonetheless, The words used in the book are emotional and powerful. The book is divided into 4 different parts. Which are; the princess, the damsel, the queen and you. One of the section of the book that really hit home is “YOU” Amanda Lovelace has used this part to promote self love and leaving behind people who are always going to doubt you.

Kenny’s takeaway quote

“your failure are just what happened, they don’t have to be who you are.”

The second book I will be reviewing is “this Morden love”

This modern love is a book written by Will Darbyshire for people who are in love, out of love and everything in between.

I will also rate this book a 7 out of 10 simply because it was not totally a love story book but more like a love letter but in form of a book.

Similarly, this book was also divided into 3 different parts. The beginning, the middle and the end.

Will has used this book to give his fans the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on love with the use of letters, poetry and pictures.

Some of the letters was bitter, raw and heartbreaking. But overall it was worth the read.

The beginning part of the book, focused on the foundation of a relationship and the whole process that goes into liking someone. For example, having a crush on them first.

Will has used the middle part of this book to persuade people to celebrate their loved ones and relationships. Will asked all entries to send a letter of appreciation thanking their significant other for anything.

My favourite part of this book, is the end section. This section was used to pay tribute to the end of a relationship. Will has also used this part to make readers understand that there’s two outcomes to a relationship. “It either works out,or it doesn’t”


Emotions: losing someone close to you!

Words by Ireti Lawal

I am not a very strong writer but thank you to Kenny for giving me the opportunity to write this post. 24 hours prior to this I had no idea what I wanted to write about until I lost someone very dear to me.

How does one contain such emotion while trying to convince everyone around them that they are capable of moving on with their lives after hearing a devastating news. Ask yourself do you truly know how to grief or express heartache with the aid of social media?

I have developed a very unconventional way of dealing with my grief, i inform my “social media friends” then just ghost for rest of the day but the funny thing is although I might be feeling down, but for me social media is one of the best therapist. Imagine you going on instagram with tears flowing down your eyes and the next meme you see is about how many ‘eggs someone’s ex FREW’ 😂 As much as social media can be negatively contagious, it can also help you in dealing with your emotions and griefs.

Ireti’s Takeaway quote

“I will miss you forever like the star misses the sun in the morning skies”

My Most frequently used apps

In a digital world where we can’t go a day without using our gadgets, I will be listing some of my favourite apps and why I use them.

My first go to app is the WORDPRESS application

Using WordPress as my blogging tool has made it one of the apps I visit everyday on my phone and laptop. As a blogger, you have to ensure you are always up to date with your daily statistics. I also go on my WordPress app every minute to ensure my blog is in tact and does not need any updating. For example, sometimes the theme changes it’s features and can have an effect on your blog layout.

The second app I’ve recently been visiting more than usual is LinkedIn

As you all know, I’ve just finished University, meaning I am actively seeking for a job. If you are looking to build network and want to connect with people in the same field as you, LinkedIn is one of the apps I will recommend you download on your phone in order to achieve this purpose.

Another apps I use daily on my phone and are definitely my top 2 social media app is snapchat and Instagram.

I mostly use Snapchat and Instagram to connect with my friends and family. I use them to share pictures and you know to stay updated with what other people are up too. But most importantly, I use this apps to promote my businesses and to create awareness on topics that matters.

RELATIONSHIPS: A glimpse Into my love life!

Words by Kenny Adaba

When it comes to love, I feel like I’m part of the 1 in 10 people who has been unlucky with that.

I will describe my past “Entanglements” as bad romantic relationships. It’s more or less like this love thing might just not be for me Lol.!

Yes, I get male attentions and 3 years ago me wanted the attention and would be so happy about it. But Then, I realised once I received this attentions, I don’t like it or I just don’t want it anymore.

in terms of romantic relationships, I can say I’ve only had genuine love or rather feel genuinely loved by one person.

I’ve been on multiple dates and I’ve met different people but there is always a similar pattern with the dating process. While the whole process is fun, exciting and I always want it to grow into something long term and beautiful, It always end up getting to a point where I’m just like nah! This person ain’t for me. I’m not a picky person I just know what I want and when I do not see it in that person I tend to let them know straight up. I know some people will say oh just keep him there until you meet someone you actually like. But, I will rather not waste someone’s precious time or waste my own time entertaining someone I probably can’t Tolerate. According to Benjamin Franklin, “A Lost Time Is Never Found Again”.

One thing that made me feel so comfortable with losing someone during the early stage of dating is heartbreak. I was in a relationship with this guy I really liked. You know that kind of love you have for someone that you’ve already imagined your big day with them? you’ve imagined you guys in your dream home with your kids running around and you both just chilling on the sofa? Yeah that type of love. At first, it was very hard to deal with losing someone you thought would be in your life forever but as time went on, it got better and I realised I needed that experience to become the woman I am now.

One of my friends once told me the reason I always end up without a relationship is because I am too loyal during the talking stage. At this age and stage in my life, When I’m talking to someone new and I see them as a potential, I tend to stop entertaining other people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say I’ve not spoken to atleast two people at the same time. Matter of fact, there was a time I was just going on different dates with different people and to be honest, it was kind of fun Lol!. However, the only reason I will entertain more than one person is if I do not see any of them as a potential at that particular moment.

Second time is a charm? Well, not for me. Once you’ve messed up the first time, it’s a wrap. I’ve had guys come back for a second chance for different reasons. But, once I see you for who you really are, I really can’t be with you on that level anymore. I can keep them as friends but not as romantic partners. Again this might be one of the many reasons why my love life is boring. Maybe I just need to learn to give people a second chance to actually prove themselves ?

Presently, I have a lot on my table and entertaining multiple people is not on it. Writing, Reading, Promoting my products and just developing my self and life in general are the things I’m mainly focused on. However, one day I hope I will be lucky enough to find my knight in shining armour and eventually have my/our happily ever after. 🥰

There’s a lot more to write about and I really can’t fit them all into a blog post. So, I’m hoping one day, I Will have the opportunity and privilege to write a book based on this topic.

Overall, my love life has taught me a lot of things . It has made me understand the value of patience and as given me the opportunity to know what I should and should not allow in my future relationships.

There’s someone for everyone and your soulmate Will eventually find their way to you when the time is right.

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

“God’s timing is always on time”

This is Motherhood!

Mother of Three Girls

Words by Sarah .M. Adaba

Being a mother is one of the hardest and most important jobs in the world. I love being a mom, even with all of its trials and lessons. The fact I have the ability to help shape their young minds and allow them to blossom is a blessing from God.

Having my children was such a life-altering experience. I was looking for a purpose in my life and when I had my children I found it. I love being a mother because my children made me a better person. Before making any decision I have to think of my girls first because they matter more than anything in this world.

There are so many reasons why I love being a mum , but I love the look in their eyes when they discover something new or figure something out that they’ve been trying to understand for a long time. I love seeing little pieces of myself in my three girls : the reason for me to start singing made-up songs randomly, or their cheeky smile.

As a mother of three girls my everyday life can be very hectic which is filled with schedules, changing nappies, breastfeeding, teaching my eldest, cooking, cleaning, wife duties and etc.

I love the fact that when my girls grow up I will have been beside them every step of the way teaching, helping, molding and loving them equally .At the age of 25 I’ve finished university, happily married and raising my three beautiful girls. Motherhood doesn’t come with manual so you need to be prepared to learn every stage with your child.
If your a first time mother enjoy every moment because being a mother is a beautiful experience and a blessing from God.
For me life is great, but life is even better once I was blessed to become a mom.

Sarah’s Takeaway quote

“I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is.” —Oprah Winfrey

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