My Most frequently used apps

In a digital world where we can’t go a day without using our gadgets, I will be listing some of my favourite apps and why I use them.

My first go to app is the WORDPRESS application

Using WordPress as my blogging tool has made it one of the apps I visit everyday on my phone and laptop. As a blogger, you have to ensure you are always up to date with your daily statistics. I also go on my WordPress app every minute to ensure my blog is in tact and does not need any updating. For example, sometimes the theme changes it’s features and can have an effect on your blog layout.

The second app I’ve recently been visiting more than usual is LinkedIn

As you all know, I’ve just finished University, meaning I am actively seeking for a job. If you are looking to build network and want to connect with people in the same field as you, LinkedIn is one of the apps I will recommend you download on your phone in order to achieve this purpose.

Another apps I use daily on my phone and are definitely my top 2 social media app is snapchat and Instagram.

I mostly use Snapchat and Instagram to connect with my friends and family. I use them to share pictures and you know to stay updated with what other people are up too. But most importantly, I use this apps to promote my businesses and to create awareness on topics that matters.

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