Emotions: losing someone close to you!

Words by Ireti Lawal

I am not a very strong writer but thank you to Kenny for giving me the opportunity to write this post. 24 hours prior to this I had no idea what I wanted to write about until I lost someone very dear to me.

How does one contain such emotion while trying to convince everyone around them that they are capable of moving on with their lives after hearing a devastating news. Ask yourself do you truly know how to grief or express heartache with the aid of social media?

I have developed a very unconventional way of dealing with my grief, i inform my “social media friends” then just ghost for rest of the day but the funny thing is although I might be feeling down, but for me social media is one of the best therapist. Imagine you going on instagram with tears flowing down your eyes and the next meme you see is about how many ‘eggs someone’s ex FREW’ 😂 As much as social media can be negatively contagious, it can also help you in dealing with your emotions and griefs.

Ireti’s Takeaway quote

“I will miss you forever like the star misses the sun in the morning skies”


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