who people think i am, compare to who i really am and who I want to be.

I feel like people has create a certain picture of me and expect me to behave and act in a certain way, then when I don’t fit into this their idea of me, they think things don’t add up.

I’ve noticed a lot of changes in me compare to the past year and it’s totally fine. Change is a necessity. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

To begin, I will start with “WHO PEOPLE THINK I AM” people think I live my life thinking I am the most ambitious lady around. They think I have my life in order and have my future planned out.

People think I more than confident. Constantly been told I am good looking, smart and very confident kind of made me conceited.

My close people always say I act like I know it all and barely want to listen to corrections without getting defensive.

What you don’t know is that I am NOT The most confident or the most ambitious. The only reason people think so is because, I used to hang around people who were NOT and it made me look good. Yes, I will describe myself as ambitious and would give it anything it takes to achieve what I want. But, take me to a different environment with people who are just as ambitious, smart and confident and I might just crumble.!

WHO I AM: I am a young lady from a family of 8 who does not have her life all figured out. I am very shy and sometimes have low confidence and try hide it by been outspoken and friendly. I am altruistic but can also be selfish. I enjoy cooking and sometimes baking. I can be stupid which always end up in me being used and taken advantage off. I find it hard to forgive once my kindness as being taken for weakness and I never forget those who has wronged me. I don’t get hurt by the same person twice. I find it hard to trust! How does one learn to trust after all the disloyalty they’ve experienced? I enjoy reading and I take pride in showing supports to others. I am very passionate about my future and goals. I try my possible best to be a good decent person but certain traits occasionally gets in the way.

WHO I WANT TO BE: . I want to live a life that glorifies God. I want to be an independent woman who has her own. I want to be happy and healthy. I want my family and close friends to be happy and I want to see them doing good in life. I don’t want to live paycheck by paycheck, I want to escape the rat race. I want to be around the most loving people. I want to be around people I enjoy their company in real life, people I fit in with. I want to one day have kids and create a loving family that will love God and glorify him. I want to build a healthy relationship, where I love and allow myself to be loved.

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” ~ George Eliot

Stop Nigerian governments!

Words by kenny Adaba

“Nigerians should be able to exercise their fundamental human rights without the fear of being murdered!”

By now, I’m sure we’ve all seen what is currently going on in Nigeria!

It all started with a peaceful protest towards the Special Anti-Robbery Squads. (Endsars).

For the past 2 weeks, Nigerian youths has done what our parents, grandparents and great grandparents did not have the courage to do! They stood up and spoke against the corrupt governments officials in Nigeria to demand for their rights.

Nigerian youth has shown the world that eventually we are not ‘lazy Nigerian Youths’

Anyways, I’m not here to educate you on what is going on in Nigeria. Because, there’s a lot of articles covering that already. I just want to know why it’s so hard for the governments to do right by their citizens ? Why can’t they grant the Nigerian youths their request? Why have they chosen to be greedy self centred inhuman individuals? Why is the president yet to come out to address its own citizens? A country you sworn to serve and protect? Where is the peace and unity?

Nigerian governments do not seems to have adequate knowledge regarding fundamental human rights. We all know the governments are scared due to the ongoing protest and will do anything to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand and fall against them; hence, the reason they ordered the army to use excessive force against the peaceful protesters thinking it will make them stop.

I really do not know how all of this is going to end, but I’m praying and hoping that for the sake of the people killed, Nigerian youths all over the world, gets the change they’ve been fighting for. I mean, it’s only right we should.

Well-done to the Nigerian youths for there relentlessness. Rip to the innocent citizens killed by the people that was meant to be protecting them. You will never be forgotten!

#endsars #stopnigeriagovernment #stoppolicebrutality

Nigeria needs an immediate change!

My favourite blog/blogger

I have a lot of blogs I enjoy reading but today, I will only be sharing my top 2 favourite blog/bloggers.

One of my favourite go-to blog is JTOfashion.com owned by Temi Otedola.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you should know that I have mentioned on different occasions how I was inspired by Temi Otedola of JTOfashion.com to start blogging. I love the way Temi uses her platform/blog to express her love for travelling, fashion and photography. Another reason Temi is my favourite blogger is because one thing Temi and I have in common, is reading. Although my love for reading was not inspired by her but it made me love her more.

My second favourite blogger is Linda Ikeji.

I do not really have a lot to write about Linda Ikeji because what she blogs about isn’t the Type of blogging I do. However, her success and hard work is an inspiration to me and has made her one of my favourite blogger. I hope one day, my hard work will put me on the level she is right now.

Life after uni – Overwhelmed!

It’s still so weird to me that I’m done with University. It feels like yesterday and here I am 3 years later, a graduate! Not having deadlines to meet for exams or courseworks feels so good and I don’t think I miss it Lol!

Although, I might just lose my mind if one more person asks me about what my future plans are since I graduated.

Coming to the realisation that I am now a graduate is scary enough; the least thing I want is to have the people around me constantly reminding me of it. Yes, I know I am a graduate! But that does not necessary mean I will automatically have everything I want to do next figured out!

Don’t get me wrong, before graduating, I had plans of what I want to do next and I am still sticking to them. However, things change and life happens.

As much as I am hoping/wiling to get a job in my field of study, right now, I’m not really worried about that. I know what I want and I’m working towards it.

Since Leaving uni, one of the important things I have learnt is that education doesn’t prepare you for what comes next. You might have a degree that will teach you the skill you need in your chosen field, but it won’t show you how to get there.

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

“Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfil your own purpose and potential”. ~ Kerry Washington

Taking a break from everything!

Hi lovelies!! So, I’m back from taking a break from everything which included a break from my blog as well.  Four weeks ago, I decided to take a break from blogging, reading and promoting of my products/business to strictly focus on sorting out the important things in my life. Don’t get me wrong, all of these things I stopped doing are equally important but desperate times calls for desperate measures. 

At first, I was very reluctant to stop posting on my blog because, I wasn’t sure if taking a break from blogging will break my blog. Taking a break went against everything I’ve learnt about the blogging world. Consistency is one of the important things when it comes to blogging.

I was also scared because I was just nominated for an award (website of the year) and being inconsistent could potentially jeopardise that.

However, dealing with life issues as well as blogging and reading is extremely challenging and I was not feeling in control of things. The thought of even picking up a book to read, one of my favourite things to do was so difficult. Heck! I didn’t even want to see or open my laptop. I just could not find the motivation to do the things I enjoyed doing and was questioning if there was a purpose to it all. 

Taking a break from blogging had an effect on my stats but it was not drastic. Now that I am back, I’m hoping to bring the numbers back to normal and to grow bigger and better.

In the midst of everything, there was also some good things that has happened and would be sharing them with you guys in my next blog posts.

Finally, I am so glad I gave myself a time out on everything. It was very much needed. 

kenny’s takeaway quote

“sometimes you just need a break to figure everything out”