Words by Kenny Adaba

Hey lovelies! welcome to my first book review of 2021. For people reading my blog for the first time, Kennysbookclub is a monthly post on kennysdiary where I review a book we read together for that month.

This month choice of book was 12 RULES FOR LIFE written by Jordan B. Peterson. If you have been following my book club page on Instagram, you will notice that this is one of the books that has taken me the longest to read because it is a lengthy book and took me three months to complete. But, it was worth it.

12 Rules For Life, is a self-help/development book that covers every aspects of our lives.  

This book will not only help you find purpose, it will also help you understand the meaning of your life. When the 12 rules given in this book are correctly applied to your day to day life, you will be on the track to positively changing your life forever. 

The rules in this book will ensure you always take responsibility for yourself first and then for your immediate environment and in doing so, you will/can change the world. 

Also, if you are a religious or spiritual person, then I will recommend this book to you. Jordan Peterson has used this book to share a lot of ideas, stories and scriptures. Most of the point given are all backed up with a bible verse which I think is a good thing. 

Although, at first you might struggle to connect and understand the book, especially if you are not a religious person as it as a lot of religious preaching. 

personally, I think this is an amazing book. things are well explained and will be a great read if you are willing to get your life back in focus or to keep/get yourself moving forward towards every aspect of your life.

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

practice sacrificing and sharing, until you become expert at it, and things will go well for you. ~ Jordan Peterson


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