It feels like January, but it’s March. The year is really going by fast and by the time we know It, it’s December and we will all be waiting for it to be the jolliest time of the year, Christmas! 

It’s been a busy week and considering that we are in the last days of March, and since it’s Sunday, I have decided to end the week with a life update on what has been going on in my life since January to March.

1. JANUARY- Started my Masters

In January 2021, I started my master’s MSc in Finance. before I completed my undergraduate, I had plans to either go into employment or go for my masters. Once I got accepted for my masters, I made the decision to continue my education instead. Although, I had people telling me to go into employment instead in order to gain experience. However, I was 23 when I started my masters and felt that I still had time to gain experience after I complete my masters. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to complete work experiences and placements during my college and postgraduate days. I am also a firm believer of always go for whatever your heart desires and not what other people think is best for you.

Again, I started my masters in January, and so far, so good, I am really enjoying the whole process. I had my first assignment submitted on the 4th of March and the result will be out tomorrow. I am kind of nervous as I have a target grade for myself but knowing that I put all my efforts into the assignment, I am also positive and looking forward to knowing what I got.

2. FEBURARY – Mental wellness

At some point in February, I decided to boost my mental health/wellness. I started keeping and sticking to a routine and waking up early. I decided to stop taking coffees as they affect my sleeping ability. Doing this, I was able to get an early sleep. I started making use of my diary more. Every morning when I wake up, I write in my diary the top 3 things I am grateful for and the top 3 things I accomplished for the day. Doing this helped me boost my mental wellness and health. Although, I am still trying to find a balance but at the moment, I am very happy with where I am mentally.

3. MARCH – Had my golden birthday

Yaaay! I had my Golden birthday this year. on the 24th of March, I turned 24 years old. Golden birthday is when you turned the same age as the date of your birthday. Usually, I do not celebrate birthdays and was not a big fan of doing anything on my birthdays. However, this year, I felt I needed to do something. So, I decided to have a pampering section for myself and later in the day, I had my friends come over to eat, drink and have a good time. If you came to my party and you’re reading this, thank you very much I really appreciate.

Thank you to everyone reading this post, make sure to share with your loved ones and subscribe to my blog.!! I will be back in 3 months times with another life updates!.


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