Kennsybookclub: THE FOUR AGREEMENT

Welcome to the April edition of the kennsybookclub! 

For the people reading my blog for the first time, kennsybookclub is a monthly post on kennysdiary where I review a book we read together for that month.

This month’s choice of book is THE FOUR AGREEMENT written by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The four agreement is a personal freedom and development book. This book is one of the most easy and practical self-help books I have read. Miguel gave four agreements in this book and my favourite agreement is “always do your best” without this agreement in your life, the other 3 agreement cannot be implemented. According to Miguel, this agreement, which happens to be the last one, is the one that allows the other three to become deeply ingrained habits. 

The reason why Miguel said this agreement is the most important one of the four agreement, is because: well……. You should go and read the book to find out about that. 

The Author has used this book to teach his readers the importance of appreciating life and gives you the opportunity to understand yourself better. 

This book is very useful for all aspect of your life. It’s a very insightful life changing book. 

This book is definitely a must read and I will highly recommend it for anyone who wants to change their way of life for the better. 

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

When you do your best, you learn to accept yourself ~ Don Miguel Ruiz.



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