Two Biggest lessons I’ve learnt this year

Hey lovelies! welcome to kennysdiary! 

I know, I have not been active on here but now I am back, better, and ready to share with you all what I have been up too since I took my unannounced break lol! 

As you can see in today’s blog post, I will be sharing with you all the two biggest lesson I’ve learnt this year. Don’t get me wrong, I have learnt a lot of things in life. Such as, make every moment count, take care of your health, good things don’t come easy and a lot more. However, this year, I learned a great deal about other people, the world and myself.  

Here are the 2 lessons I’m glad I learnt this year:

1. You cannot trust anyone but yourself

This year has shown me the worst in people. people I adore and respect are now the same people I will never acknowledge or speak to again. I’ve come to understand that people will pretend to be what you need just to get what they want from you. However, the lesson I learnt from this, is that the only person I can truly trust is myself. When it comes down to it, the only person who will have my back with no doubt or second thought is me. I’ve learnt that I should always trust my instinct and voice. Because you will never let yourself down.

2. I’m far stronger than I thought I was

There have been moments in this year when I find it hard to get out of bed. If you check my previous post, you will be aware with the fact that I was dealing with personal life issues and was trying to get my mental health right. I was so overwhelmed and completely drained. However, where I am mentally in my life right now, I am proud of myself. Because each time, i always get myself back up. Now, I know I am far stronger than I ever thought I was or could ever be. 

kenny’s takeaway quote

if you feel you can’t trust anyone, then try trusting in yourself.

Personal: How I achieve my daily goals and remain productive

In this blogpost, I will be giving detailed information on how I achieve my daily goals and remain productive. But before I get into it, below are the things I currently have on my table. 

  • Education: Master’s in Finance 
  • Blogger: Kennysdiary
  • Book club: kennsybookclub 
  • Running a business 
  • Job: Work 3 days a week 
  • Gym 
  • Social life 

These are the things I currently have on my table and have to fit into my daily/weekly routine. As much as I am grateful for all of these things, sometimes it gets overwhelming, and I just feel like quitting. 

So, the real reason I have decided to put this blog post up, is to help anyone out there with a busy schedule but do not know how to manage them. 

Below are my top 3 ways of achieving my daily goals and remaining productive


Like I said in one of my previous blog posts, if you want to have a successful productive morning/life you have to cultivate the habit of waking up early. I wake up 6am every day and what I notice is that I am more productive during this time of the day. Also, the serenity and quietness that comes with been up at that time is immaculate. Although, waking up early takes a lot of motivation and determination. But, when you have goals to achieve, then you have no choice or excuse.


Planning is key: if you want to actualise your dream, you have to plan on how and when you will get things done. No, what makes a good plan is not the number of tasks you need to finish on your to-do-list. A good plan is a plan that can be fixed that day. Be realistic with your planning and do not go overboard with the things you set for yourself.


Last but not least, spark your motivation. Losing track of our goals can potentially make us lose our motivations. You have to be aware of what you are trying to achieve. If you are aware of what you are grinding for, but you still feel unmotivated, then below are some strategies that helps me and can help you stay motivated to achieve what you want in life.

  • Keep a journal: write down your thoughts, goals, ideas and dreams. In my personal diary, I have in it my daily affirmations and the things I am grateful for.
  • Be your own motivator: it all comes down to what keeps you motivated right? There’s been days I just don’t feel like myself and I just don’t want to do anything but then I remember why I started and what I want and just like that, I get my motivation back. Don’t get me wrong, it is totally fine to feel like doing nothing the whole day but make sure it’s not every day. You have to always find a way to refill your motivation and remain inspired and determined.
  • Turn envy on its head: a lot people do not understand that hating on others can really limit your potential. Instead of scrolling through social media and hating on other people success, you should instead try to figure out how they achieve their goals and how they became successful in it.

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

Focus on being productive instead of busy