Two Biggest lessons I’ve learnt this year

Hey lovelies! welcome to kennysdiary! 

I know, I have not been active on here but now I am back, better, and ready to share with you all what I have been up too since I took my unannounced break lol! 

As you can see in today’s blog post, I will be sharing with you all the two biggest lesson I’ve learnt this year. Don’t get me wrong, I have learnt a lot of things in life. Such as, make every moment count, take care of your health, good things don’t come easy and a lot more. However, this year, I learned a great deal about other people, the world and myself.  

Here are the 2 lessons I’m glad I learnt this year:

1. You cannot trust anyone but yourself

This year has shown me the worst in people. people I adore and respect are now the same people I will never acknowledge or speak to again. I’ve come to understand that people will pretend to be what you need just to get what they want from you. However, the lesson I learnt from this, is that the only person I can truly trust is myself. When it comes down to it, the only person who will have my back with no doubt or second thought is me. I’ve learnt that I should always trust my instinct and voice. Because you will never let yourself down.

2. I’m far stronger than I thought I was

There have been moments in this year when I find it hard to get out of bed. If you check my previous post, you will be aware with the fact that I was dealing with personal life issues and was trying to get my mental health right. I was so overwhelmed and completely drained. However, where I am mentally in my life right now, I am proud of myself. Because each time, i always get myself back up. Now, I know I am far stronger than I ever thought I was or could ever be. 

kenny’s takeaway quote

if you feel you can’t trust anyone, then try trusting in yourself.

One response to “Two Biggest lessons I’ve learnt this year”

  1. Well, I can imagine how sensitive the context of trust is but at the end, man was made for interdependence and at certain times we need to always trust people to walk us through several phases. Trust is a gift you give people till they disappoint. We just have to be careful of how vulnerable we become around people. Even Jesus who prayed all His moments on earth still selected “Judas” into the team.

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