FASHION: A Fairytale Moment

Hey lovelies! if you have been following my social media, you would have seen the beautiful restaurant my friends and I went too last weekend. I love beautiful places with lovely interiors. My fashion advice for anyone planning to go to a boujee restaurant during the summer period, is to go for an outfit with bold colour or pattern. Do not be afraid to dress-up and make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.

Shop my look!

Before I went into the restaurant to have my meal, my friends and I managed to sneak in a photoshoot section. This boohoo affordable dress has officially fulfilled my princess/fairytale fantasy I’ve always had growing up. I already knew the type of restaurant we were going too, so trust me, I was not going to pass on the opportunity to wear something show stopping lol. The dress code I decided to go for was grown and classy with a princessy vibe. So therefore, I went for the outfit below.

This dress as to be one of my favourite outfits! I love the blush pink tones, the way the dress accentuated my waist, and the length of it. With a fashion climate that tends to favour what’s “edgy”, sometimes it’s just nice to feel like the princess you are.

Boohoo Dress

Simmi Shoes

Photos by Kourtney (@kourtney_mhazo)


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