MK Diaries: A Day in Milton Keynes

As we all know, summer is finally upon us! which means, we will be out more often than usual! Lol. I had a holiday planned for this summer, but considering covid and travel restrictions going on, it’s been cancelled. Therefore, i have decided to explore places inside of the UK. So, i was in Milton Keynes earlier this week.

Milton Keynes is in south central England, Buckinghamshire. 

Whilst in Milton Keynes, I visited the Top Jump inflatable park located at the Milton Keynes leisure centre. It was such an enjoyable fun activity with lovely staffs and maintained environment. If you do decide to visit the top jump in MK, I will recommend you go on a weekday because apparently, it gets really packed on a weekend. i went on a Monday, so I am saying this from experience. Also, you will be required to wear their own socks which you will need to pay for. Although, it is an affordable place, but it is advisable that you budget beforehand. 

After my visit to the top jump in Milton Keynes, I decided to go for a meal at Miller and Carter Steakhouse. This restaurant, I will rate a 5/5. The staff was so lovely, chatty, and accommodating. With no doubt, I will be going back there. While at miller and carter, I ordered for the alcohol-free cocktails VIRGIN MOJITO, SMOKY BARBECUE WINGS for starter, and a LAMB for main. 

Milton Keynes is a very lovely place for activities with lots of beautiful place to dine and wine. If you do happen to visit, TOP JUMP and MILLER AND CARTER are places you should consider visiting!

Photography by Kenny Adaba

Words by Kenny Adaba

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