SME Award: 2020 FINALIST

Hey lovelies! welcome to a new week of kennysdiary! 

In Today’s blog post, I will be discussing about the SME Award and the result.

As you all know, we were nominated and made it to the top 3 finalists for WEBSITE OF THE YEAR in the SME business Award 2020/2021. 

With COVID, the award could not take place in 2020 and was moved to June 29th, 2021. 

I know a lot of you was rooting for me and was excited about the nomination than I even was lol. But unfortunately, kennysdiary did not win the WEBSITE OF THE YEAR this time! 

We went against two other great website and with no doubt, they were big competitors. This made the chance of the odds being in our favour slim. However, we go again next year! and this time around, we will put in all our efforts, hard work and hope for the best.     

PS: as much as I wanted to win this award, to me, it was more of the recognition. Being recognised for your hard work to the point of being shortlisted for a prestige award as the SME, meant a lot to me and has just motivated me to go even harder than I already am. 

Finally, thank you so much to everyone for the support and encouragement over the year and with no doubt, WE WILL BE GOING AGAIN!

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

“Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” ―Conrad Hilton

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