Wildlife Park: My Zoo Experience at the Paradise wildlife park

The paradise wildlife park in Hertfordshire is the leading zoo in the UK and Europe for animal experiences. 

Paradise wildlife park is an out-of-town attraction for everyone. This was my first visit and I totally loved it.

The Wildlife Park have a lot of animals that you will not find in any other zoo. The UK’s biggest anaconda, snow leopards, white lions, and the tigers.

My favourite and highlight of the trip, was the WORLD OF DINOSAURS. This part of the zoo is a whole different attraction on its own. This makes it feels like you paid for two different trips. 

If you have a little one, a niece or nephew, they will love it as there are a lot of things, they will find exciting. For example, the playground. We didn’t go to the playground, but we could see it from far. The playground includes a train slide, roller slides, swings, and houses. If you will. If you will be making use of the lagoon, I will recommend you bring a picnic and swimming gear for the kids. 

The queue at the park was not a bad one. well, when we went it was a little train that was cleared within 10 minutes. 

Getting to the wildlife park can however be tricky. I will certainly say it’s easier to get to the paradise wildlife park by car than by public transport. 

When we visited, we spent about 3-4 hours with about 45 minutes at the dinosaur area. However, if you want to enjoy it more, I will recommend you take a full day out to enjoy and take in the whole experience. 


Paradise Wildlife Park 

White Stubbs Ln


EN10 7QA

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