Manchester united VS Liverpool premier league

My experience watching a football match live at a stadium was amazing and unforgettable. Watching football at the stadium is completely different from watching it at home.

The Match I went to watch was the Manchester United VS Liverpool premier league. leaving Manchester losing to Liverpool 5-0. This is also my first and so far, only match I’ve been to.

The atmosphere was full of crowds cheering for their favourite team. majority of the stadium was supporting Manchester united as the match was held at the Manchester United, Old Trafford Stadium.

My only fear when at the stadium, was the height. I was sitting at the very top row, and my fear of height kicked in lol. If you’ve been following my blog post, you should know I’ve always said I am afraid of height. However, on this day I was super excited that it didn’t bother me as much as I expected it too. 

The stadium is a place where people change mood and emotions within minutes. I remembered everyone was joyful and happy when Ronaldo thought he’d scored a brilliant goal, only to have it ruled out for offside after a check from the video assistant referee (VAR). The whole stadium broke into silence.

Another interesting experience/moment at the stadium was when Paul Pogba was shown a red card for a high tackle on Naby Keita. At this point, Manchester United supporters loose the hope of winning the game and booed the players as they walked out of the stadium. Liverpool fans on the other hand, were celebrating in excitement.

I was also quite disappointed by the result, but nevertheless, I really enjoyed the match, and it was a great experience. 

To sum up, watching a match at the stadium is just simply awesome. It’s an experience I will recommend everyone have at least once in their lifetime. you don’t have to love football to visit the stadium. I do not support any of the team that was playing on this day. Although, I was rooting for Manchester United, but I also went because I love to be adventurous and as a blogger, it was beneficial for me. 


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