My graduation day

Hi, my name is kenny and i studied Accounting Bsc (Hons) at the university of derby.

I completed my undergraduate course last year but couldn’t attend a ceremony due to covid.

After a year of waiting for a ceremony due to covid, I finally get the chance to be celebrated alongside my course mates whoop! Whoop!!

Graduating is always the icing on the cake when it comes to education. It is that moment when you finally get to celebrate your achievements with your family, friends and course mates. Graduating with Honours is one of my greatest accomplishments. The ceremony was full of such tradition, filling me with such sense of pride in my achievement

My graduation took place at the derby arena on the 18th of November 2021.

I started my day by waking up at 4am (Waking up that early was a nightmare tbh but I was so excited That it didn’t bother me much). I live in Bedford and had to commute to derby by car. Following the itinerary, My family and I left Bedford at 6am to arrive at derby for 8am the same time the gate opens.

Arriving at derby arena, I went straight to the collection point at derby stadium to collect my gown, hood and hat which was worn and fitted for me by this very lovely lady. This moment felt really special as I suddenly started to feel like a graduate. I then had the opportunity to have some professional photos taken with my family. Thankfully, my brother paid for them so I was saved from some expenses lol.

Walking across the stage felt so lovely. Seeing and hearing my family cheering me was the best feeling ever.

Graduation day can get stressful especially after the ceremony. Therefore, I will advice that you take your pictures immediately after getting your gown.

This day meant a lot for both me and my family and having a ceremony after a year is with no doubt the perfect way to celebrate three years of hard work. So thank you University of derby for a day I will never forget and see you soon again.!!!

Finally, Since completing my Bsc Honours at the university of derby, I have went on to study for my postgraduate (Msc) in finance and I am looking forward to attending another ceremony at the arena 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost and it was somewhat helpful to anyone looking forward to their graduation day!

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Thank you!.

And see you in next blog/vlog.

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