Swinmoor House: UK best Staycation Destination

Hey lovelies! welcome to a new week of kennysdiary! I hope we’ve all had a lovely week 

Couple of weeks ago, I went on a four days girls staycation for a friend’s 25th birthday and it is with no doubt one of the best trips I’ve taken within the UK. I get to meet and make friends with other lovely girls who came with good vibes/spirit. 

Are you looking for the best staycation ideas so you can enjoy a holiday in the UK? Then keep reading for one of the best places to visit with things to do whilst you’re out there. 

With Covid rules becoming stricter with no knowledge of what the future holds with traveling, it looks like staycation in the UK is one of the best options available to us right now.

This staycation has made me realise that there’s so much to do inside the UK. So, I’ve decided to give a review of one of the best places to visit within the UK for staycation or baecation. 

This staycation idea will take you to the side of wales. North wales, as so much to offer in terms of staycation within the UK. However, people tend to forget about this place easily when thinking about UK staycation. 

Where to stay in Hereford

Hereford offers many different accommodation options. During our staycation, we stayed in Hereford, SWINMOOR HOUSE, CANON BRIDGE. Swinmoor house is set on the edge of the beautiful Golden Valley. We stayed in Hereford for 4 days from the 19th of November to the 22nd. This house is surrounded by lovely countryside and 8 miles away from the ancient city of Hereford. I will advise that you drive down if you are to visit. Driving in the countryside and narrow roads made me feel like I was somewhere in Europe reminding me of how much the UK have to offer.

If you are looking for a road trip, driving to Swinmoor house Hereford is one of the places I will recommend you visit. 

Things to do in Hereford

During our stay in Hereford, we got up to a lot of activities and one of them was MOUNTAIN WALK. We decided to take a walk to Garway Hill. Garway hill is one of the prettiest mountains I’ve seen with views to warm the heart. Again, it is tucked away in the south of the country and 20 minutes’ drive from Hereford and if you are visiting for the first time, I will advise you leave your accommodation earlier than planned. It says 20 minutes’ drive, but it took us about an hour to locate the hill.

This natural environment is surrounded by natural landscapes, biodiversity, sheep’s and intensive farming methods. If you are into photography, it is also a place with photo opportunity.

Another activity we did while out in Hereford was visiting THE CHASE DISTILLERY. The chase distillery is a Gin and Vodka distillery. What could be better on a windy cold day in November than a Gin/Vodka tasting? Chase Distillery is in Herefordshire countryside. On arriving at the distillery, we had a tour expert guide and take us through the secrets of making all various types of Gin and Vodka. During the tour, we had an opportunity to enjoy a chase GB Gin & Tonic followed by a tutored tasting and a zesty pink grapefruit Gin & Tonic to finish. 

The tour was excellent from start to finish. It was well organised and thought through.

Out of 10, I will rate my stay in Swinmoor house and days spent in Hereford an 8 out of 10. I’ve given it an 8 out of 10 just because the house was not tall girls friendly. The doors are low and as a tall babe, I kept hitting my head and it was painful. So, if you are over 5’7, make sure you are conscious of the doors and you should be fine. Other than that, it’s a very lovely pretty and safe place to stay with friends, families, or partner. 

Below is a vlog post from our staycation, please make sure you share, like and comment. Also, tell a friend to tell a friend!

Thank you for reading my post and see you next week! 

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