Post of appreciation: End of year post

Hey lovelies! Thank you so much to everyone who has made kennysdiary a success this year! It’s been a great year and Ofcourse we love to see it!!!

Here is my end of year post!

Reflecting on 2021, and all I can say is I am really grateful for this year.

Everything I prayed for manifested. I was at my Happiest, strengthened my relationship with God, I graduated, passed all my masters modules, got a job, enjoyed life, had a great time with my families and close friends, met and made friends with amazing new people.

I’m really grateful for this year and all the good Things that came with it!

2021 has really been a great year, I pray 2022 will be better for us all

all scheduled blog and vlog post sitting in my camera will all be going up from the 2nd week of January 2022.

I wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas, happy new year and a great holidays in advance! XX

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