Day out shopping in Westfield / Kitchen E20 Review

Hey lovelies! Welcome to a new week of kennysdiary! I hope everyone all had a great week?

Today’s blog post is about my day out shopping in Westfield and give will also be giving a review of Kitchen E20 in Stratford.

I always try to change my wardrobe at the beginning of every year just because I get bored of my old cloths quick lol. So, I went with a friend of mine on a mini shopping and had a dinner afterwards.

Fun Fact: it was also my first time in Westfield. I mean, I’ve been there once but it was on a geography school trip Lol.

Westfield London is a large shopping centre in White City, west London, England, developed by the Westfield Group at a cost of £1.6bn, on a brownfield site formerly the home of the 1908 Franco-British Exhibition.

I wish I could enter all the shops as there was a lot of designers shops there but the shops I visited was boot (dior section), Zara, Berksha, new look, H&M etc..

To be honest, Zara came through! Everything I got there fits and was all on sales so I literally got everything on bargain. My Miss Dior perfume was exactly the scent I was going for. It’s one of my favourite smell at the moment.

After we got tired, we decided to stop shopping and go find something to eat. Kitchen E20 was one of the closet restaurant to the shopping centre. About 6 mins walk.

This restaurant I will rate a 6/10 because 1, the chair is so low and as a tall babe, it was not comfortable for me. 2, the meal was not the best. The pizza we had was so dry and crusty. The wine though was good. Although, they have pretty interiors and a very clean quiet environment, but it seems more like a place for business talk and to study.

Overall, I will rate it a 6/10 and wouldn’t recommend when you are planning to have a proper date or full meal.

Other than that, it was a very good day out in London and I can’t wait to go back!.

Thank you so much for reading this post.

Below is a link to my YouTube channel and Vlog detailing our day out in London.

I hope you enjoy it!


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