My Storm Eunice Experience

Dear Diary, it’s a windy day on the 18th of February and I almost got blown away by the wind!

Storm Eunice brought significant disruption to many on Friday as it moved eastwards across the UK.

I went out in the morning using a taxi because it was raining. However, by the time I was going back home the weather was a bit better. It was not cold but windy.

Forgetting that it was already recorded to be a bad weather day in the UK, I decided to walk home since I live 20 mins away. This was definitely the worst decision I’ve made in a long time.

As I walk over the bridge, the wind started winding like it has never winded before. My soul almost left my body. I thought I was going to get blown into the river and I don’t know how to swim. Sigh! All I could do was hold onto the rails by the side of the bridge and hang onto it hoping the wind will calm down soon; but it never did. At this point I knew I had to ask for help. I looked around and saw some couple of friends walking down so I used this opportunity to ask that we all hold hands together in other to add more weight and overpower the wind. Thank goodness, this worked until we crossed over.

After crossing over the bridge, I had to run home as I was now about 5 minutes away from home and wasn’t willing to wait around.

Seeing on social media and how everyone else was getting blown away by the wind, I just realised how lucky I was. I could have been a victim of storm Eunice lol.!

Please everyone stay safe out there!

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Day out with Chef Soso / Deroka Restaurant Review

Spending quality with the people I love is my number one love language. I enjoy spending time with my friends, family and partner.

The other day, Chef Soso and I went out to a restaurant in Mk, went for jumping and basically just enjoying and living life.

We went for top jump in Mk which was about £10 each I can’t remember and it was one of the best fun things I’ve done in ages. The LED lights, the freedom and not thinking about anything else in the world was such a bliss. Chef Soso is such good vibes which made the experience 100X better. I won’t ask for a better friend ☺️

After jumping, we then went for dinner in Deroka Restaurant Milton Keynes.

Deroka I will say is one of the best restaurants in MK. I’ve been there couple of times and I’ve had no complain whatsoever. They provide great customer service, great meal and their wine is lush!. It’s an affordable restaurant so for 3 course meal, you should be looking to spend on average £45.

After our dinner, we just decided to walk around and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and designs of MK. After that, we head to our stations and went home. It was a cold night so all we wanted afterwards was our beds lol.

This was one of the best day out I had after a long time and I’m really itching for another one!.

Again, I enjoy quality time and I hope this post helps and makes you plan some quality time with your love ones soon!.

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Below is the link to our day out in MK Vlog.


I have always loved getting dressed up either for the holidays, dinner or just because lol.

Picking and choosing what outfit to wear will always be my favourite part of getting ready

I love to play with colours, but lately I’ve been more obsessed with Nude beige and tan colour.

Here is a simple lunch date outfit I was able to put together using some of my old items.

I’ve had my high knee boot for about 2/3 years now and never or barely worn it just because it’s honestly not the most comfortable heels I own. However, for this look It came in handy.

Since the boot is so high, I decided to style it with a brown/tan mini dress with my favourite beige fur fluffy coat. This coat is one of the warmest coat I own and honestly every lady deserves to have at-least one of this in her wardrobe. I couldn’t decide on what purse/clutch to carry, so I went for the easiest option which was my Dionysus GG Supreme super mini bag. This compliments the look as well so why not.

I’ve had Most of this items for a while so you might not find them on the website anymore but it’s always worth a try. XX


Mini Dress – Boohoo

Coat – pretty Little Thing

Shoes – Boohoo

Bag – Dionysus GG Supreme super mini bag