My Storm Eunice Experience

Dear Diary, it’s a windy day on the 18th of February and I almost got blown away by the wind!

Storm Eunice brought significant disruption to many on Friday as it moved eastwards across the UK.

I went out in the morning using a taxi because it was raining. However, by the time I was going back home the weather was a bit better. It was not cold but windy.

Forgetting that it was already recorded to be a bad weather day in the UK, I decided to walk home since I live 20 mins away. This was definitely the worst decision I’ve made in a long time.

As I walk over the bridge, the wind started winding like it has never winded before. My soul almost left my body. I thought I was going to get blown into the river and I don’t know how to swim. Sigh! All I could do was hold onto the rails by the side of the bridge and hang onto it hoping the wind will calm down soon; but it never did. At this point I knew I had to ask for help. I looked around and saw some couple of friends walking down so I used this opportunity to ask that we all hold hands together in other to add more weight and overpower the wind. Thank goodness, this worked until we crossed over.

After crossing over the bridge, I had to run home as I was now about 5 minutes away from home and wasn’t willing to wait around.

Seeing on social media and how everyone else was getting blown away by the wind, I just realised how lucky I was. I could have been a victim of storm Eunice lol.!

Please everyone stay safe out there!

A Vlog post is up on my YouTube channel, please click the link below to watch it. Also, make sure you share, like and subscribe.

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