My 25th Birthday / Landmark Review

The Landmark London opened in 1899 and is one of the most iconic popular luxury, 5* hotels in London. It opened in 1899

I had my 25th birthday at the landmark London and it was with no doubt the best experience I’ve ever had.


The rooms at the landmark are so Spacious, beautifully designed, full of light and warmth. It’s a kind of place you will want to spend all day in.


The spa area is so beautiful and tidy and luxurious. They have spa facilities such as, treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a 15 metre-in-door swimming pool, aromatherapy experience showers and Jacuzzi.


At the landmark London, you will find a range of restaurants including the mirror Bar which offer great cocktails, Winter Garden for al fresco dining and twotwentytwo for date nights. It’s a very peaceful surroundings with live music and excellent food, perfect for a romantic evening.


The Landmark London really has it all; great facilities, stunning rooms lovely customer service and an atmosphere of ease.

It’s a place I will definitely with no second thought visit again!

Do you Fancy treating yourself to a little staycation in London? There’s nowhere finer in the capital than The Landmark London, with an amazing spa, restaurant, beautiful accommodation and a fantastic location!


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