Happy Easter / Lunch Date look

I have always loved getting dressed up either for the holidays, dinner or just because lol.

Picking and choosing what outfit to wear will always be my favourite part of getting ready

I love to play with colours, but lately I’ve been more obsessed with Nude beige and tan colour.

Here is a simple lunch date outfit I was able to put together using some of my old items.

It was content day with my friend, and couldn’t think of what to wear. So, I decided to come up with a modest outfit and this two pieces just goes well with what look I wanted to go for.

I’ve had my mesh top from new look for a while now but didn’t bother wearing it because I didn’t have anything to match it with. So two weeks ago, I got gifted this trouser from primark from my aunty.


Mesh Top: New Look

Trousers: Primark


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