Attracting an High value man as an high value/quality lady

Ladies you want an high value man but Are you rightly positioning yourself to attract this high value man?

An high value man also wants an high value lady. Are you an high value lady?

Being an high value lady isn’t only about your possessions, education or job title. It’s Also about the way you speak, the way you dress, the way you carry yourself and most importantly the places you go. Its a whole package and once you’re the whole package you will chase the bums away and attract what you rightly deserve (An high value man).

In Finance, there’s something called strategic positioning. “Strategic positioning is focused on how an organization sets itself apart from the competition and delivers a benefit to target customers” You have to strategically position yourself and lifestyle in a way that will attract your type of High Value man. You can’t be an high value lady but positioning yourself in a low value manner.

As an high value lady that wants an high value man, you must know when to work away from situations that doesn’t benefit you, you must know your worth and an high value man wouldn’t have you questioning that because he also knows he’s worth. You won’t have to tell an high value man what you bring to the table, he will figure it out and in most cases he already did before he even approached you. You won’t have to proof nothing to an high value man. An high value man is an high value man because he knows what he wants and he also knows time is precious and wouldn’t waste it on something he clearly doesn’t see going anywhere.

This message is only for high value women that also wants an high value man. If you’re not about that, don’t start doing strategic positioning. That will only mean you’re living a fake life and I’m not a preacher of faking it. An high value man will smell the fakeness in you from far and it’s only a matter of time until your real self comes out.

After a lot of self evaluation, I’ve come to understand that I have to stop doubting my self, my worth or watering myself down to meet the people who clearly doesn’t deserve my type of person and value. So I really hope this post helps every lady who knows their worth but find it hard to attract that they truly deserve!!.

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