Life: Feeling Pressured

when you have it within yourself to only do things that benefits you and not people, is when you will finally find peace.

Never be afraid of what is to happen next in your life. Life can have a way of messing with our heads. The moment you achieve something, you feel pressured to aim for something even higher and this is when you start seeing yourself as someone who hasn’t even achieved anything great. Don’t do it to yourself. You are working hard; you are trying your best and always remember whatever you do is for you and not to please anyone else. The moment you start doing things for yourself, is when you find peace. It is very easy to fall into the trap of what people will think of you and your achievements but when you have it within yourself to only do things that benefits you and not people, is when you will finally find peace.

I know, I know. It’s easier said than done. Especially when we live in a very judgmental world with social media and everyone’s life seems to be so perfect. or rather where everyone only shows you what they want you to see and not what they are going through. Social media is one of the deadliest drugs affecting our society today. Everyone is living their best life and then there’s you with your life falling apart. Don’t get me wrong, I know people online who are genuinely doing great in real life and shows that through their social media, and I also know people who have absolutely nothing to their name and their social media is booming. You really cannot let social media define your own goals, aims, and achievements. If all you did today was wake up, found the strength to shower and go to work, that is more than enough. Remember, someone out there with the most money and perfect life went to sleep just like you and never woke up. Then what?

Moral of my blog post is, be contended with what you have! Life is too short to be unhappy. We will never have it all. We can only do our best. We can only remain positive. We don’t have to compare. We should forgive people. We should understand that things will not always work out in our favour. We could have had it worst. But here we are still thriving for more, aiming for me, remaining happy and again learning to be satisfied with what we have.

And if no one told you they love you today, Kenny loves you and my Page is always open for you if you need anyone to talk too!

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