Review: Tate Modern

Tate Modern is an art gallery located in London, Liverpool, and St Ives. Tate Modern Is the jewel in the crown of modern art galleries in London. In this gallery, you will find national collection of international modern and contemporary art from 1900 to the present day.

With over 5.7 million visitors in the world, Tate Modern is one of the top 10 most visited museums and galleries in the world. 

The Collection: Visiting the main collection of Tate Modern is admission free. There are 8 areas that makes up the main collection displays. The display at Tate Modern is arranged according to themes.

Artists in Dialogue: In each collection, you will find different generations of arts are brought together. This way, Tate Modern will offer the opportunity to experience past and present dialogue.

The Bookshop: The Tate Modern bookshop is said to be one of the best bookshops in London. Not only is it stocked with copies of past exhibitions, but it offers a wide range of illustrated children’s books. 

The Alert: when visitors move to close or touches the arts, they make a loud noise. This is said to prevent visitors or an intruder from coming to steal from the gallery. So, if you do decide to visit the gallery, make sure to stand well far away from the arts so you do not raise unnecessary alarm. This happened to us, and it was so embarrassing ha-ha.

 Visiting Tate Modern to view some of the world’s best contemporary art, is one of the greatest experiences to be had in London. Displays and themes changes and will forever be updated making the gallery always looking fresh and challenging. 


To all my girls 25 years and below

This is to all my girls age 25 and below!!

The older you get, the more you know about life, and the more you learn about yourself.

Below are the things I wish I knew earlier;

Self love – Love yourself more than you love anything else in this world! Only you can love you how you want to be loved.

Family – Do not underestimate the power of speaking to your family about whatever is bothering you. A lot of time, they won’t judge you the way you think they will.

Friendship – You’re friends are not always your friends! And You do not need 10 thousand friends. Matter of fact, if you have 30 friends, 25 of them most definitely hates you. 2-3 solid people in your circle is enough but have atleast one older friend (female) and one trustworthy male friend.

Ambition – your ambition should come before anything. Get that degree, apprenticeship, build an empire, have something reasonable going on for you. As a lady, even if you admire to be a house-wife, make sure you have something to fall back too if things doesn’t work out in the long run.

Men – in a world where we all equate expensive gifts, trips & fine dining as princess treatment, find a man that actually respects you for who you are, loves your soul, your heart and you are a person. An established guy is good but a not yet established but ambitious guy with respect, loyalty and love for you is better. If you find one, treat him like a king. Respect him, support him, be submissive but don’t be his doormat.

A lot of men will want you, but not all of them value you! Be very wise majority of the time they only want one thing and will portray themselves as what you want to get what they need.

Relationship – After speaking to women who dated older men as young girls, Unless you’re 28-30+ or a sugar baby, you have no business dating a man 10+ years older than you. This is not hollywood and You certainly won’t be jay z and Beyoncé. And No you’re not attracted to older men you’re attracted to the security they give you. E.g financial security. If your age mate gave you the same thing, they will be your type too 🙂

Look at it this way, when you were 10 that man was 20 He was almost done with uni while you’ve barely started primary school. What do you think you have in common with him? Again I’m not saying no to age gaps relationships, I’m saying don’t do it until you’re in your late 20s because by then, you most definitely must have figure out what works and doesn’t work for you in terms of finding a life partner.

Feminist – Avoid the bitter ones! Some of them are only feminists because they genuinely just hate men and are trying to project that onto younger girls thinking they are helping you stay woke. Feminist coach’s such as Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou & Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie are great feminist to emulate instead.

Self respect -Your self respect needs to be stronger than your feelings. Always put yourself first and be ready to walk away when a situation does not serve you anymore. E.g, work, friendship, relationship and toxic families.

A lot of people will tell you you’re young and you still have time, but I personally believe Early bird gets the worm so make hay whilst the sun shines.

This are the only thing I like think of at the moment. If you’re 25 and over, please leave a comment for the things a young lady 25 and below should work on or look out for.


Spending time with people who genuinely loves you and wish you well is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your future. 

A lot of people have friends but not friends to build or be successful with. all they want are friends they can sit around and talk about other people and their business. The day you start surrounding yourself with positive people, is the day you will start experiencing positive outcomes in your life. According to JIM ROHN, you are 80% the people you surround yourself with. If all your friends do is party, chances are all you will do is spend your time partying. If you surround yourself with people who spend their time reading good books, chances are you will also read good books.

Although, I do not believe that birds of the same feather’s flocks together. But I believe that your friends define who you are. If you have 4 fools as friends, you will be the 5thone. you must surround yourself with people who share the same core value as you. People who want the best for you even if they are not at their own best. A lot of people, women especially tend to make friends with people who are secretly in competition with them. People that act like they wish you well but lowkey hopes you don’t do as well as them. People that act like they want to see you win but lowkey hopes that you don’t win more than them. If you have goals to achieve, Being friends with this type of people or surrounding yourself with this type of people is very dangerous.

You need to understand that some friends are to be kept at arm length. You can and should only love them from far and if their presence is very toxic, you should cut them off completely. I will also relate this to our romantic relationship with the opposite sex, but this will be another post for another day. 

After reading this post, I want you to take the time out to ask yourself, what does this person bring to me? How do they benefit my life now? How will their presence in my life affect my future? 

TIP: Apply the 80/20 rules when it comes to spending time with people. Have friends for different purposes and spend more time with the ones that impact your life positively.  For example, spend more time with the ones that loves reading and improving themselves than you do with the ones that constantly want to stay partying.