Review: Neverland Beach Club

Neverland beach club is an outdoor bar and rooftop style party venue in London. Neverland is a Japanese themed restaurant and bar by the river. While I was there, it felt like I was in Kyoto with cherry blossoms and lanterns.

Neverland provides guests with a stylish and multifaceted venue consisting of the brand’s signature beach, a large indoor rooftop-style pergola, two pop up restaurants, two bars, tasty food and colourful cocktails, live DJs who plays all types of music genre from afrobeat, to RnB, Hip Hop etc……

Neverland Beach Club is one of the best places I have visited with wonderful experience. the atmosphere and vibe were very lovely and authentic, and the interior design gave it a superb touch. It is also an instagrammable and aesthetically pleasing location. It is a perfect place if you enjoy taking candid pictures. Oh yeah, the staffs are very pleasant. On arrival, the greeting from the security was very accommodating and friendly.

The beach club accommodates bigger groups and is very spacious, so you won’t have to worry about bumping into anyone 

I visited this place with 2 of my friends and I honestly will be going back there again. Overall, Neverland is an amazing place to be. My friends and I really had a nice time. Everything about the place is so beautiful.

Ps: when we visited, it only cost us about £10 to get in and an ID will be required. 

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