Pergola on the Wharf

Pergola is a restaurant and rooftop bar in canary wharf. 

First off, all, Tik-Tok made me go to Pergola and it is honestly one of the prettiest rooftop restaurants have visited in London.

Having a Saturday brunch in Pergola was such a refreshing experience. Really nice place, big space, nice music, tasty food and drinks, and prices are average and affordable. I had the waffles and bacon with fried sweet potatoes with orange juice. 

The restaurant was pretty and well decorated with a lot of greens and aesthetically beautiful.

Before visiting Pergola, make sure you take with you your ID. I forgot to take mine with me, but the security was so lovely he allowed me in without one. it can also get busy, so make sure you book before going in. 

The restaurant is facing the river which gave it a more boujee vibe. If that is your thing, then Pergola on the Wharf is the place to be. 

Right in front of the restaurant, is the Crossrail place roof garden. This garden is a lovely quiet place with wonderful shrubs, pants, and trees. If you want a safe place where you can talk a walk and clear your mind after having a drink, then I will recommend this pathway. Crossrail place roof garden is a hidden piece of beauty, and it is completely free to walk through, take in the views and to get some pretty images for your memories. 

Overall, the service was beautiful, and they made sure we enjoyed ourselves. My friends and I will be visiting this rooftop restaurant again. 

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