choosing peace over chaos

In this life, giving people the chance to disturb your peace with their negative vibe or energy is the easiest way to lose your sanity.

problematic people can be anyone. Family, friends, co-workers, classmates etc…

I’ve come to understand that when people sees that you will rather not respond to their negativity, it hurts them and makes them feel invalidated. This are the toxic type of people you want out of your life. As long as they are not happy with themselves, they will continue to drain your energy and keep bringing negativity into your life.

When people see that you are happy within yourself, enjoying yourself and just living life on your own terms, I feel like it reminds them of how miserable they are and in turn, they try to bring your spirit down. It’s so funny because majority of the time, this people are the ones we call close friends and families. This is when you decide if you want to continue dealing with them or choose peace. For the past weeks, I have been ensuring that no one, irrespective of who they are, will have the opportunity to disturb my peace of mind or happiness.

Three ways to always choose solitude

Below are my top three ways of always choosing peace over chaos. 

  1. No unnecessary respond: If you don’t want others to take away your peace of mind, you must learn how to ignore certain situations no matter how much you want to talk about it. I understand, when people push your buttons, it is hard to not automatically react. You feel angry, upset or even anxious and you just want to respond. However, I am here to tell you that, the best thing to do, is to simply take a pause and see If the situation is within your control. Remember, you can’t control another person but what you can control is your respond to the other person.
  2. Remove yourself: Remember, you always have the options to remove yourself from any kind of conversation, gathering or even relationship that affects your peace. You can either choose to remove yourself selectively by limiting communication with this people and resorting to something less verbal. For example, by using emails or text messages if it is an important message. and if this people are friends or family members, you can limit communication with them by only seeing them on major holidays or events. If you want your peace and sanity in check, be prepared to follow through and repeat this step for as long as you deem fit/necessary.
  3. Acceptance: Some people regardless of how much they make our life unbearable, we might not have the courage enough to stay away from them for too long. This is when this method comes in. you can now choose to accept that this person will likely not change in a particular way and decide to be okay with it. Although, only choose acceptance if other options do not work and you still want the person in your life. If not, it is not advisable to stay with someone who is making you lose your sanity or self-worth. 

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

Do not let the behaviour of others takeaway your inner peace – Dalai Lama

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