In this blogpost, I am going to be revealing my 5 morning habits for a productive day. If you have always wondered how successful people actually became successful, then this blog post should be a good read for you.

5 morning habits for a productive day & SUCCESSFUL LIFE


If you want to have a successful productive morning, you have to cultivate the habit of waking up early. For the past few weeks, I have been waking up at 6am and what I have noticed is that I am more productive during this time of the day. Also, the serenity and quietness that comes with been up at that time is immaculate. Although, waking up early takes a lot of motivation and determination, but your body will slowly adjust to the new routine.


When you wake up every morning, always make sure you wake up with a positive attitude. Make sure you take the time to say your prayers, your affirmations, read a book, do some exercise, apply your skincare, ladies put on your make-up if need too and finish up with a nice outfit or a comfortable loungewear and enjoy the rest of your day with a smile in your face!


Planning is key. If you want to actualise your dream, you have to plan and you have to get things done and ensuring you make a good plan is key. No, what makes a good plan is not the number of tasks you need to finish on your to-do-list. A good planning is a plan you are sure to fix that day. Be realistic with your planning and don’t go overboard with the things you set for yourself to get done.


Wanting and fighting for success can be challenging. Always make sure that you prioritise yourself and your mental health first. Make sure you get as much sleep as possible. Achieving your goal is important but there is no way you can do anything if your mental health is not in the right space. Do anything you need to in other to make sure your health is taking care off. go to bed early, have less coffee and exercise if required.


Last but not least, make sure to spark your motivation every time you wake up in the morning. Losing track of our goals can make us lose our motivations. this is why you have to know what you are aiming to achieve. If you are aware of what you are hustling for, but you still feel unmotivated, below are some strategies that can help you stay motivated and achieve what you want in life. 

  • Keep a journal: write down your thoughts, goals, ideas and dreams. In my diary, I write down my affirmations and the things I am grateful for. 
  • Turn envy on its head: instead of scrolling through social media and hating or envious of what other people are achieving, instead of wallowing in envy, you should instead try to figure out how they achieved their goals and became successful in it. 
  • Motivate yourself everyday: it all comes down to what keeps you motivated? For me, reading is one of the things that keeps me motivated. We are bound to encounter negativity every day and how we reply to it is what matters. If you don’t refill your motivation, it will run low which is why you have to find a way to remain inspired and determined every single day. 

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