Restaurant Review: NO.6 Hamilton Place

I was not going to share this place because I wanted it to be my friend and I special secret place 🙂 but there is love in sharing. So, I decided to share some of my thoughts on my recent trip to 6 Hamilton Place, the newest restaurant and event venue in the heart of Mayfair.

This is one of the finest restaurants I have attended in a while. Presentable executive chefs with a high-end culinary experience.

The restaurant was designed to a very high standard. 6 Hamilton Place provides an idyllic setting with decadent interiors fit for all type of different occasions.

The restaurant offers a different dining experience compared to other restaurants in Mayfair. They offer guests an opportunity to indulge in three different cuisines: European, Middle Eastern, and authentic Chinese Cuisine (Sichuan, Northeast and Cantonese).

Amina and I visited the restaurant on a Saturday night at about 7:00pm. Peak time for most restaurants. However, Hamilton Place was so quiet and low-key there was barely a lot of people there at that time. The venue was very beautiful, luxurious and the staff were authentic.

After our meal, we were still able to relax, have conversations and take pictures. We were not required to be done and be gone by a certain time. One of my pet-peeve is a restaurant staff telling you about their turnaround times and make you feel like you are on the clock.

We explored their delicious menu, wine, and cocktail. The meals were elegantly presented. With no doubt, I will absolutely be attending this place again.


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