January Read- Living in the light Review

Hey lovelies! Welcome to a new week of kennysdiary. In todays blog post, I will be giving a review of the book I read this month, LIVING IN THE LIGHT by Shakti Gawain.

Living in the light is a personal growth and self help book. Shakti Gawain has used this book to teach readers how to lead a powerful way of life.

Personally, I feel like his book has one core truth to offer to its reader which is, always listen to your intuition, your immediate feelings, your first thoughts. Don’t analyze. Just be.

I’ve read couple of books, and all they do is claim to be able to “change your life,” but this one helps you see how to do that for yourself. Gawain helps remind us to let go of the everyday stresses and turn to the higher viewpoint, the overall pattern of our lives…..

This book willl definitely have an impact on how much self love I show myself. Gawain suggests that you take yourself on a romantic date. dress up, eat what makes you feel divine and write love letters, indulge in a bubble bath, etc. to remember how accessible romance is regardless of relationship status.

This is most likely a book I will read again and I suggests that everyone reads it at-least once in their lifetime!.

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

You have to be willing to make “mistakes” to try something and fail

Self-Sabotage(r) – Destroying me before I’ve even begun

I don’t know if it Is just me, but I have this habit of always sabotaging myself when I have exceeded my inner thermostat setting. I will for no reason just crawl back into my old, familiar zone where I feel secure.

This happens to most people without them even realising it. We believe and never DO. This was always my thing. Once I have an idea, job applications to fill, blog post to write etc.. I just find a way to talk myself out of it and never do it. I would start something, have it planned out, prepare for whatever it is and when it is time to do it, click send, publish and list orders online, I could not DO it and I will find every possible reason on the planet not too.

I was so stuck in making myself believe that whatever I have created was not good enough and I did not have the capabilities to do it. I never consciously count my success…. My mind is always in the things I didn’t do well in and never what I did right.

In other for me to snap out of this, a friend had to let me know what I was subconsciously doing. I was telling her how I was not sure about launching my book or having it listed for sales and she snapped and encouraged me with reasons why I should stop doing this to myself, and it just felt like that was all I needed to hear to finally bring myself out of it.

stopping self-sabotage is not something that happens overnight. Surrounding yourself with positive people, building mental and emotional stability and a clear sense of self won’t happen with a snap of a finger. It will take time, but it is worth it.

people who self-sabotage uses the idea of success as a safe cover-up, rather than asking for the life they really want. I refuse to live a life that I would come to regret. so therefore, I have chosen to always count my success no matter how small and to always affirm myself in the morning. I spoke more about affirmations in my book.

So, this year, as I write this post, excited to graduate my Master’s degree this June and to create consistent content on my blog, I promise to love myself just a little bit more and keep doing me gracefully!. 



Things no one knows about me

Hey lovelies! Welcome to a new week of kennysdiary. Today, I have decided to put together a post for people who has not been following my blog and knows nothing about me.

Things no one knows about me!!

1. I’m a very sentimental person. I’ve always been the sibling/family member who hoard onto things for the longest. When I was growing up, one of my favourite things to keep was my old cloths and birthday cards. I’ve still got cards given to me years ago in my drawer Lol! I just have this habit of keeping everything that I find sentimental. My favourite sentimental item at the moment, is the frame gifted to me by my mum on my 21st birthday. I like to keep everything I do documented and kept.

2. When I’m feeling down, I go through my photo albums. I always go through my photo album with a smile on my face. I love memories. It’s like a therapy to me. They remind you of the good times and gives you the confidence that better times are coming.

3. I’m an emotional person, but sometimes I try to hide my emotions because I don’t want to feel weak or vulnerable.

4. I don’t like people feeling sorry for me. I like it when people care about me, but one of the reasons I try not to open up is because I don’t want them feeling sorry for me. I believe that life happens to all of us. The good happens and the true grit to survive happens too. Also, when people say they feel sorry for someone, I feel like they are making whatever situation it is, looks even worse than it already is.

5. I find cleaning therapeutic. I enjoy cleaning when I’m stressed or when I’m angry and want to keep calm. Having a clean house allows me to tidy up my mind and brings me fresh ideas. It makes me feel fresh, productive and happy!.

6. I love flowers. I love them so muchhh. They make me feel alive and bring positivity and warmth into my life. My favourite flowers are the Naomi roses .

I like a lot of things and there’s a whole lot of things you still need to know about me. But, this are the few ones I will love to share with you today!!

Happy New Year

Hey lovely people! Happy new year and welcome to the first blog post of kennysdiary.

What can I possibly say? We made it into the new year! 2023 whoop! Whoop!

After the countdown finishes on NYE each year, it suddenly feels like the whole world gets a fresh start. New Year’s Eve and the few days after it comes with a lot of positivity and excitement. However, something about 2023 feels different. I entered 2023 with the most positive mindset and for once, I am genuinely excited about what the year holds and has in store for me.

May the new year bless us all with good health, a lot of wealth, and happiness.

Cheers to a new year of rest and restoration for all of us. Here’s to me reading what I want and feel like reading and cutting off the people I feel like cutting off.

Also, I received my first roses of the year. The Red Naomi Roses are my favourite and I just feel like it brought some kind of positivity and warmth into my new years. 🧚🏽‍♀️