Happy New Year

Hey lovely people! Happy new year and welcome to the first blog post of kennysdiary.

What can I possibly say? We made it into the new year! 2023 whoop! Whoop!

After the countdown finishes on NYE each year, it suddenly feels like the whole world gets a fresh start. New Year’s Eve and the few days after it comes with a lot of positivity and excitement. However, something about 2023 feels different. I entered 2023 with the most positive mindset and for once, I am genuinely excited about what the year holds and has in store for me.

May the new year bless us all with good health, a lot of wealth, and happiness.

Cheers to a new year of rest and restoration for all of us. Here’s to me reading what I want and feel like reading and cutting off the people I feel like cutting off.

Also, I received my first roses of the year. The Red Naomi Roses are my favourite and I just feel like it brought some kind of positivity and warmth into my new years. 🧚🏽‍♀️

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