Things no one knows about me

Hey lovelies! Welcome to a new week of kennysdiary. Today, I have decided to put together a post for people who has not been following my blog and knows nothing about me.

Things no one knows about me!!

1. I’m a very sentimental person. I’ve always been the sibling/family member who hoard onto things for the longest. When I was growing up, one of my favourite things to keep was my old cloths and birthday cards. I’ve still got cards given to me years ago in my drawer Lol! I just have this habit of keeping everything that I find sentimental. My favourite sentimental item at the moment, is the frame gifted to me by my mum on my 21st birthday. I like to keep everything I do documented and kept.

2. When I’m feeling down, I go through my photo albums. I always go through my photo album with a smile on my face. I love memories. It’s like a therapy to me. They remind you of the good times and gives you the confidence that better times are coming.

3. I’m an emotional person, but sometimes I try to hide my emotions because I don’t want to feel weak or vulnerable.

4. I don’t like people feeling sorry for me. I like it when people care about me, but one of the reasons I try not to open up is because I don’t want them feeling sorry for me. I believe that life happens to all of us. The good happens and the true grit to survive happens too. Also, when people say they feel sorry for someone, I feel like they are making whatever situation it is, looks even worse than it already is.

5. I find cleaning therapeutic. I enjoy cleaning when I’m stressed or when I’m angry and want to keep calm. Having a clean house allows me to tidy up my mind and brings me fresh ideas. It makes me feel fresh, productive and happy!.

6. I love flowers. I love them so muchhh. They make me feel alive and bring positivity and warmth into my life. My favourite flowers are the Naomi roses .

I like a lot of things and there’s a whole lot of things you still need to know about me. But, this are the few ones I will love to share with you today!!


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