Self-Sabotage(r) – Destroying me before I’ve even begun

I don’t know if it Is just me, but I have this habit of always sabotaging myself when I have exceeded my inner thermostat setting. I will for no reason just crawl back into my old, familiar zone where I feel secure.

This happens to most people without them even realising it. We believe and never DO. This was always my thing. Once I have an idea, job applications to fill, blog post to write etc.. I just find a way to talk myself out of it and never do it. I would start something, have it planned out, prepare for whatever it is and when it is time to do it, click send, publish and list orders online, I could not DO it and I will find every possible reason on the planet not too.

I was so stuck in making myself believe that whatever I have created was not good enough and I did not have the capabilities to do it. I never consciously count my success…. My mind is always in the things I didn’t do well in and never what I did right.

In other for me to snap out of this, a friend had to let me know what I was subconsciously doing. I was telling her how I was not sure about launching my book or having it listed for sales and she snapped and encouraged me with reasons why I should stop doing this to myself, and it just felt like that was all I needed to hear to finally bring myself out of it.

stopping self-sabotage is not something that happens overnight. Surrounding yourself with positive people, building mental and emotional stability and a clear sense of self won’t happen with a snap of a finger. It will take time, but it is worth it.

people who self-sabotage uses the idea of success as a safe cover-up, rather than asking for the life they really want. I refuse to live a life that I would come to regret. so therefore, I have chosen to always count my success no matter how small and to always affirm myself in the morning. I spoke more about affirmations in my book.

So, this year, as I write this post, excited to graduate my Master’s degree this June and to create consistent content on my blog, I promise to love myself just a little bit more and keep doing me gracefully!. 



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