January Read- Living in the light Review

Hey lovelies! Welcome to a new week of kennysdiary. In todays blog post, I will be giving a review of the book I read this month, LIVING IN THE LIGHT by Shakti Gawain.

Living in the light is a personal growth and self help book. Shakti Gawain has used this book to teach readers how to lead a powerful way of life.

Personally, I feel like his book has one core truth to offer to its reader which is, always listen to your intuition, your immediate feelings, your first thoughts. Don’t analyze. Just be.

I’ve read couple of books, and all they do is claim to be able to “change your life,” but this one helps you see how to do that for yourself. Gawain helps remind us to let go of the everyday stresses and turn to the higher viewpoint, the overall pattern of our lives…..

This book willl definitely have an impact on how much self love I show myself. Gawain suggests that you take yourself on a romantic date. dress up, eat what makes you feel divine and write love letters, indulge in a bubble bath, etc. to remember how accessible romance is regardless of relationship status.

This is most likely a book I will read again and I suggests that everyone reads it at-least once in their lifetime!.

Kenny’s Takeaway Quote

You have to be willing to make “mistakes” to try something and fail

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